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Finn Sharkey
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Portrayed by Jack McMullen
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 11
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 30
Cause/Reason Finished school and moved to Canada with Trudi Siddiqui
Born 1993
Mother Mrs Sharkey
Father Ryan Sharkey
Romances Amy Porter
Siobhan Mailey
Jess Fisher
Sambuca Kelly
Trudi Siddiqui
Children Trudi Siddiqui's unborn child (Miscarriage)

Finn Sharkey is a former pupil from Waterloo Road. He is the best friend of Josh StevensonTom Clarkson's son. Introduced in Series 5, he is portrayed as the bad boy with a troubled past, being excluded from his previous schools and having a history with Chris Mead, whose car he set on fire. Finn's parents are often absent, leading him to live alone most of the time. He relies on girls to feel secure but implies that he has been depressed and felt suicidal in the past when trying to commit suicide with Amy Porter.

He served as a anti-hero/supporting antagonist in series 5, anti-hero in season 6 and one of the main protagonists in season 7.

Series 5

Finn Sharkey arrives in the second half of Series Five. He is a troublemaker and knows Chris Mead from a previous school of which he was excluded from. Chris tells Rachel that Finn set his car on fire but he had no proof.

On arriving at Waterloo Road, Finn immediately strikes up a close friendship with Josh Stevenson and a close relationship with Amy Porter. When Finn’s parents announce that they are moving to California, Finn and Amy can’t bear the thought of being separated, so they make a suicide pact. They go to a beach where they plan to kill themselves but are stopped by Chris Mead, who later stood up against Finn's absent father.

Series 6

Throughout the start of series 6, Finn was bullying Harry Fisher, until Harry almosts commits suicide. At that point, he was in a relationship with Jess Fisher, but it ends after the bullying was uncovered. Sambuca Kelly returned back to school in Series 6 Episode 15 and her and Finn instantly clash. Things get worse when Finn announces he is Denzil's new mentor. In Episode 16, Finn and Sam's arguments develop in an unexpected way. Sam accuses Finn of teaching Denzil how to fight and showing Denzil porn (when infact it was Wayne Bodley and Kyle Stack who showed Denzil porn). Sam later apologises and the pair share a kiss and begin a relationship.

Finn and Ronan Burley's illegal party gets underway in Episdoe 17, but the boy’s bragging manages to turn away the only two girls they wanted to impress and turn up; Vicki MacDonald and Sam Kelly. Finn later asks Sam to take him back by giving her a £50 bracelet. She says that he can't buy her off and that the girls are going to the party but they will be looking for decent guys, not losers like himself. Finn asks what she means and Sam tells him they are over and that he has blown his chance. Later at the party, Finn begs Sam for another chance but she tells him nothing has changed between them. Finn spends the rest of the evening looking at Sam. Gatecrashers later turn up and the leader of the pack, named Gav, demands Sam tell him who organized the party, but she refuses to tell him and he gives her a little shove just as Finn notices. Finn runs over and pushes the leader away from Sam, Finn tells Gav he organized the party and that he isn't welcome. Gav asks Finn to pay him, but Finn refuses until Sam tells him to give him the money.

Finn doesn't have enough money to buy Gav off, so Gav hits him, and starts beating him up just as Tom Clarkson, who was called by Denzil, walks through the door and breaks it up. Sam thanks Finn for saving her, and the pair kiss before Tom drives them home and they give each other another chance. At the end of the series, Finn saves Denzil after Denzil and Kyle go on crazy stunts. Denzil walks across a thin strip of bridge over a road but slips and barely hangs on. After pushing Denzil back over the platform, Finn loses grip, and infront of Tom, Karen, Sam, Kyle, Denzil and the police, Finn falls to the ground, breaking his back. When he falls, a distraught Sam begins to hit Kyle and runs to Finn's bleeding, still body, however, he thankfully survived, but is worried over would Sam still love him if he couldn’t walk.

Series 7

Finn is still trying to come to terms with the loss of Sambuca due to brain cancer and move on with his life when he met Trudi Siddiqui and fell in love with her. Trudi's brother, Tariq Siddiqui, does not agree with their relationship, but later does until Finn joins the rival gang of both Tariq and fellow student Kyle Stack. Finn then left the gang after he was pressured into burning down the Siddiqui's shed, distraught because Trudi had broken up with him. Although he did not realise, Naseem Siddiqui was in the shed so he then stood against his gang and saved Naseem's life. The chief of the gang, Eugene Garvey, later showed up at school and attacked Finn and tried to kidnap him, but Finn was helped in the confrontation by Josh. Josh was later kidnapped but was saved by Ronan Burley and his father, Tom. Finn's rival, Kyle Stack, later decided to kill him with a crossbow at the school prom. Josh discovers the truth and goes with Tom and Ronan to the prom to save Finn. Josh saw Kyle with the crossbow aimed at Finn and saved Finn’s life. Josh pushed Finn out of the way but was shot in the shoulder with the bow by Kyle, who was arrested and imprisoned. In the ambulance, Finn said goodbye to Josh, who left for Scotland, and announced that he would go to Canada with Trudi to go to university.


Josh Stevenson

Finn and Josh are best friends and have been since they first met in Waterloo Road. Their friendship has had many ups and downs, one of the most infamous being when Josh tried to kiss Finn in the boys' locker room, leading to Josh coming out as gay. Finn was not accepting at first, picking on his friend, but eventually, they reunited once Josh gave Finn an ultimatum of accepting him for who he is or leaving him alone. Finn shows worry for Josh plenty of times, like when Josh started hitting the fire alarm although it was already going off, unaware as he was schizophrenic. Once Josh was diagnosed with schizophrenia, Finn was not there for him, but apologises in the ambulance after Josh saves him from being shot by a crossbow that was fired by Kyle Stack. The two left on good terms.

Trudi Siddiqui

Trudi is noticed almost instantly on her first day at Waterloo Road by Finn, but was not so accepted by his friends, particularly Lauren Andrews, who were still grieving the death of Sambuca Kelly, Finn's ex-girlfriend. Trudi, unaware of Sambuca's death, argued with Finn about him having a girlfriend and leading her on but apologised once she found out that Sambuca had passed away. The two start a happy relationship but one that is unaccepted by Trudi's brother Tariq. Halfway through their eventful relationship, Trudi falls pregnant with Finn's baby but unable to tell him, reluctantly tells her brother Tariq. Trudi breaks up with Finn by telling him she doesn't love him and still unaware of her pregnancy, he walks away angrily. Trudi and Tariq arrange for a termination but upon arrival, Trudi cannot go through with it. She later, in the girls' bathroom, miscarriages, but is found by Sian Diamond, who informs Finn of her pregnancy and miscarriage. They eventually get back together, reclaiming their status as head boy and head girl, and by the end of their time at Waterloo Road, the two moved to Canada to study in university.

Amy Porter

Finn and Amy commenced on a relationship in the second part of Series 5. Amy and Finn became close, and Finn led Amy into a lot of trouble. They were split up by their parents and the teachers, but this led to a suicide pact and an attempted suicide which was stopped by Christopher Mead.

Sambuca Kelly

In Series 6, the school brought in a mentor system for the younger boys. Finn became Denzil’s mentor. Sambuca was not thrilled with the idea and began criticising Finn’s every move. In Episode 16, during an English lesson with Tom Clarkson, Lauren and Amy, with inference from the play they were reading, found out that Sambuca had been harbouring romantic feelings for Finn, just the same way Beatrice was in love with Benedick in the play. Sambuca thought that Finn was showing Denzil porn, however she found out that was not the case. Sambuca apologised to Finn and they shared a kiss, which began their relationship. The episode later, Finn and Ronan Burley were organising an illegal party. Sambuca caught wind of it and ended it with Finn, but they later got back together when Finn saved Sam from the party gatecrashers. In Episode 20, Finn got Kyle Stack kicked off the school play, which disgusted Sam, however when Finn tried to save Denzil after a prank went wrong, Finn fell and went into the hospital. Sambuca and Finn reconciled, as did Finn and Kyle. When Sambuca was diagnosed with brain cancer, Finn broke up with her as he was finding it difficult to cope. However, later on they got back together. When Sambuca, Finn and Lauren went to Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach, Sam told Lauren that she could have Finn. Whilst Sambuca was with Tom and Rose on her last moments, Finn was lying on his bed with a ring that Sam gave him. When Sam passed away, Finn was absolutely devestated.


"Finn Sharkey, I start today. Lucky old Waterloo Road ey." - First Line

"It's alright mate, it's not your fault your daddy won't let you play out."

Finn: "Jess, did you see the look on his face?" Jess: "You're embarrassing you, snogging in classrooms like a pair of teenagers." Finn: "We are a pair of teenagers."

"What a tool"

"You're wasting your time trying to teach him Spanish Miss, he hardly speaks English, he just grunts" - Finn talking about Kyle on his first day to Miss Montoya

"See you in a bit yeah" - Final line