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Fergal Doherty
Portrayed by Sam Lucas Smith
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 21 (Nowhere To Run)
Last Appearance Series 8 Episode 21 (Nowhere To Run)
Cause/Reason Arrested for dealing drugs
Mother Theresa Doherty
Brothers Ally Doherty
Romances Roisin (deceased)

Fergal Doherty was a student at Waterloo Road and drug dealer who appeared in Series 8.

Fergal and his mother are introduced in Series 8 Episode 21 (Nowhere To Run) having moved to Scotland from Londonderry in Northern Ireland.

Despite promising his Mum that he would stay away from drugs, Fergal finds himself making a deal with Barry Barry. Barry agrees to give him the drugs at a reduced price, as long as he sells the rest. Fergal, desperate and having withdrawal symptoms, agrees.

Fergal sells the drugs to Harley Taylor, who is determined to prove that he is not a child and doesn't always go along with what Lula Tsibi says after Fergal mocks him about it. After taking the drugs, Harley starts to act erratic and ends up on the school roof. He nearly falls but is saved by Ndale Kayuni.

After this, Nikki Boston questions Harley and Fergal and finds Fergal's drugs. Fergal is sent to the cooler and Michael Byrne considers calling the police.

During this, an unknown man appears at the gates and tells Barry Barry to message to give to Fergal's mother. She is told to either sacrifice Fergal or else the man and his gang will harm Ally, her other son still in Londonderry.

Torn, Fergal's mother tells Fergal to stay in the school where she will collect him at 6pm.

Unbeknowst to Fergal, his mother has left him there for the gang to get. Alone in the school, Fergal is forced to hide from the gang leader. Lorraine Donnegan happens to still be at the school and confronts the man. He warns Lorraine to stay out of his way.

Before the man can take action, Nikki Boston and Fergal's mother appear. They beg the man to leave Fergal and his family alone. The man explains that he is out for revenge after his 15 year old daughter, Roisin, who was Fergal's girlfriend, died of a drug overdose after Fergal got her hooked on drugs. Fergal explains that she was the dealer, not him, and that he was trying to help her get clean.

The police are called and the man is arrested. Fergal's mother tearfully explains how she was forced to choose between Fergal and Ally. Fergal says that he wants this to all be over and there's only one way it can be.

He hands himself into the police where he is arrested.

Neither Fergal nor his mother are seen again.