Evie Prior

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Evie Prior
Portrayed by Dominique Jackson
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 4
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 4
Cause/Reason Had to leave when her past crime was revealed
Cousins Abi (deceased)

Evie Prior (real name Alycia Cross) was a student at Waterloo Road who appeared in Series 7 Episode 4.

Eight years before her arrival to Waterloo Road, Evie drowned her five-year-old cousin, Abi, and was forced to take on a new identity after her release from the Young Offender’s Unit.

She hoped Waterloo Road would be a new start for her, but things started to go wrong when she messed up her back story. She quickly bonded with Finn Sharkey, but left him furious when she turned out to be lying about her mum dying of cancer.

Confronted by Chris Mead, Evie tells him who she really is, but begs him to keep it a secret. Chris agrees, but eventually reveals the truth to Karen Fisher.

When Evie is seen attacking Finn, Chris intervenes fearing what Evie may do. With the truth out and the news circulating around the school, Evie has no choice but to leave. Before she goes, Chris tells her that she 'deserved the second chance.'

The aftermath of Evie's confession leaves Karen with angry parents and staff to deal with. She is furious with Chris for not telling her about Evie sooner.

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