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Eugene Garvey
Portrayed by Stefan Gumbs
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 26
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 30
Cause/Reason Arrested
Occupation MSB Gang Leader
Sisters Mercedes Garvey

Eugene Garvey was the leader of the Murray Set Boyz (MSB), a street gang that was the rival of the trio-gang Dale Sken Crew. Eugene and his gang got into numerous fights with Tariq and Kyle of the DSC throughout Series 7. He is also the brother of Mercedes Garvey. He thought Jez Diamond had sexually harassed his sister whilst on a fun run with the school, Jez and Mercedes had fallen over and hurt her ankle, so they went to her house which was around the corner because she claimed her Mum was a nurse, when actually she was unemployed. She then tried to kiss him, but he pushed her away. Eugene then came in and attacked Jez. Mercedes eventually told the truth.

Behind the scenes

Actor Stefan Gumbs previously appeared in three episodes of Series 3 as a student named Damon.