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Dylan Hodge
Portrayed by Ciarán Griffiths
First Appearance Series 6 Episode 13
Last Appearance Series 6 Episode 17
Cause/Reason Arrested for what he did to Bex and Jess
Romances Bex Fisher
Jess Fisher

Dylan Hodge was a porn obsessed man who forced Bex Fisher to live with him for 18 months before Bex went back home, he made films of Bex and posted them on a porn website, because Dylan couldn't have Bex he went after her sister Jess Fisher. He is the main antagonist of episode 13-17 of the sixth series.


He met Jess in a nightclub, using the name Ewan otherwise Bex would know who he was and tell Jess. Hodge "Ewan" made a film of Jess and threatened to put it on the internet unless Bex got back with him. Bex wanted to protect her sister so she agreed and Hodge never went near Jess again and he also deleted the film of Jess.

But Jess wanted Bex to come home so she went and met her in a cafe. Hodge found out about this. Jess rang Hodge and said she wanted to see her sister and talk to "him". So she agreed to meet her somewhere. Jess told her mum Karen Fisher and Chris Mead. They followed and waited for Jess to finish talking to Hodge but Jess got in Hodges car and Karen and Chris followed.

Jess wanted Bex to come home, Bex wanted Jess to go and Hodge said he had another idea, that Jess was going to star in a movie "AGAIN". Jess started putting on make-up, but while Hodge was concentrating on her Bex texted their mum and said where they were, Hodge found out about this and he took Bex and left, leaving Jess shaken up in his flat. Chris and Karen found Jess and Jess explained what had happened. Karen then called the police. Karen, Chris and the police find Hodge dragging Bex across a bridge.

The police arrest Hodge and take him away. Jess hugs Bex, knowing that she did wrong by going with Hodge and falling for his "Ewan" ruse, but if she hadn't they wouldn't have got Bex back. Since Hodge was arrested, Jess and Bex could go back to their normal lives with no porn obsessed men bothering them and all films would be deleted. That was the last we saw of Dylan Hodge.