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Drew Kelly
Portrayed by Max Fowler
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 1 (New Beginnings)
Last Appearance Series 8 Episode 1 (New Beginnings)
Cause/Reason Arrested for threatening Waterloo Road staff and students with a knife
Romances Jade Fleming
Daughters Unnamed with Jade Fleming

Drew Kelly attended Waterloo Road in the first episode of Season 8. He and girlfriend Jade were given the name Willis after Drew stabbed a care worker. They both did not leave each other, however when Michael Byrne splits then up he becomes suspicious. Drew later pulls a knife out on Michael and is later arrested, leaving Jade with the baby.

We first see Drew and Jade Fleming squatting in a run down building having run away from their care home. Jade tells Drew her plans to attend Waterloo Road school. Although Drew is reluctant due to fears they will be found out he agrees to go with her.

When they arrive at the school Drew and Jade tell Michael Byrne that they are siblings, and that their surname is 'Willis.'

Drew immediately gets into trouble. Refusing to let Jade out of his sight and fighting with the teachers.

Things reach breaking point when Drew discovers that Jade has revealed their true identities to Michael. Drew confronts Jade in the cafeteria and tries to take her out. In amongst the struggle Jade falls injuring herself and revealing to Drew that she's pregnant.

When Michael refuses to let Drew go with Jade to the hospital he pulls out a knife on everyone in the cafeteria. He keeps the knife and runs after the ambulance.

In the hospital Drew disguises himself as a nurse in order to see Jade. When Jade refuses to go back on the run with Drew he runs back to the school. In anger he pulls out the knife on Michael threatening to stab him. Drew is eventually arrested both for threatening the staff and students with a knife and for stabbing a care worker in his children's home.

Although Drew isn't seen again it is mentioned in Series 8 Episode 17 (Baby Be Mine) that an extra year had been added to his sentence due to bad behaviour.


  • Drew shows similar characteristics to Earl Kelly. The character may have the same surname as the Kelly's in order to pay homage to them, as Denzil Kelly died in the previous episode Series 7 Episode 30. However none of this is confirmed.