Dave Miller
Portrayed by Tim Healy
First Appearance Series 4 Episode 2
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 7
Occupation Security Guard
Romances Steph Haydock

Dave had always loved Steph Haydock but when Steph doesnt want anything to do with Dave, Steph told a lie saying that shes in a relationship with Grantly Budgen.

Eventually, Fleur Budgen finds out what Steph has told Dave and the four are in a feud. Fleur and Grantly are over for a short period as Fleur refuses to accept the rumors weren't true.

One week Dave books a romantic trip for him and Steph to go to London. Steph accepts but soon realises she can't let herself leave Maxine (her fostered daughter) alone. This is because Maxine has a new boyfriend who Steph doesn't trust or like - Earl Kelly. She eventually confronts Dave and tells him she cannot balance both her and Dave and her and Maxine's relationship. Dave gives Steph an engraved necklace with both their names on it saying he couldn't give it to anyone else anyway shyly. He agrees they're over but it's clear they both still have feelings for each other... but they were never meant to be.