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Darren Briggs, Sr.
Portrayed by Sean Wilson
First Appearance Series 3 Episode 11
Last Appearance Series 3 Episode 12
Cause/Reason unknown
Sons Darren Briggs, Jr.

Darren Briggs, Sr. was the father of Darren Briggs, Jr. who was given extra help with his reading from then teaching assistant Davina Shackleton.

Darren Sr is first seen in Series 3 Episode 11 at parents evening where he thanks Davina for all the help she's given Darren with his dyslexia.

In Series 3 Episode 12, Darren Sr starts to bring Davina flowers and asks her help for dinner. Despite her rejection Darren Sr continues to pursue her. Darren Sr is left furious when Davina once again rejects him and tells him that she's already in a relationship.

Angry at Davina's rejection, Darren Jr happens to let slip that Davina had hugged him. Wanting to get his own back Darren Sr reports Davina to Rachel Mason telling her that Davina has been touching up her son.

When Davina later drops Darren Jr home, Darren Sr apologies and insists that Davina stay for a drink. Despite her constantly trying to leave, Darren Sr locks the door and refuses to let Davina leave. His anger with Davina's constant rejections finally reaches boiling point and Darren Sr starts to insult her saying that all women are the same.

Darren Jr is finally able to stop his Dad and Darren Sr is last seen sobbing on the sofa as Davina is finally able to leave.

Neither Darren Sr nor his son are seen again.