Daniel Chalk

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Daniel Chalk
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Portrayed by Mark Benton
First Appearance (Regular) Series 7 Episode 1
Last Appearance (Regular) Series 8 Episode 20 (Paradise Found)
First Appearance (Guest) Series 9 Episode 16 (A Bolt from the Blue)
Last Appearance (Guest) Series 9 Episode 16 (A Bolt from the Blue)
Cause/Reason Left to be a Video Game developer
Born 23rd July 1974
Occupation Maths Teacher
Video Game Developer
Romances Linda Radleigh
Janeece Bryant
Sons Kevin Chalk (adopted)

Daniel Chalk (né Gareth Dindsdale) was a maths teacher and the adoptive father of Kevin Chalk.

Chalky is an accident waiting to happen. Nervy, with a bad haircut and old fashioned clothes, the minute he steps into a classroom every kid smells an easy kill. Incredibly bright and academic, on paper Chalky is every head’s dream. In reality he’s completely detached from the real world, out of date and out of touch – but only in his late 30s.

Chalky comes to Waterloo Road, straight from the all-boys school and despite being on the receiving end of many a joke and prank, Chalky got by as a teacher – even gaining the respect of much of the class, simply through knowing his subject so well. Maths suits Chalky. It requires no opinion, no emotion and no modernisation. Equations will always be equations, they don’t follow trends, or require an understanding of popular culture – of which he has none.

Chalky has become a bit of an oddball. His main problem is women. He’s never had a girlfriend, never been in love. Coming to Waterloo Road he faces the biggest and hardest challenge of his career – teaching highly sexualised teenage girls, and he’s terrified.

Series 7

Series 7A, saw Chalky struggle with class discipline to the point where he almost hit a pupil, but with guidance from Rob Scotcher and unlikely ally Janeece, Chalky has managed to instil some kind of order, respect and discipline to his classes. None the least in the music department, as it is revealed that he is a bit of a wiz on the guitar.

In series 7B Chalky has a brief romance with Linda Radleigh. However it quickly comes to an end when it's revealed that Linda was the one who ran over Michael Byrne and she was just using Chalky to get back at Michael.

In series 7C Chalky chooses to go to Scotland to join Lorraine Donnegan's new Waterloo Road school.

Series 8

In series 8, following a very brief relationship with Janeece, he goes on to adopt Kevin Skelton and it is discovered he was abused in the care home he used to live in as a child.

Daniel helps Kevin Skelton legally change his name to Kevin Chalk and they together create a mobile game called 'Chalk and Cheese' which becomes an addictive and popular game amongst the children and adults which include Lorraine Donnegan. Lorraine helps Daniel and Kevin sell their game which also leads to Daniel being offered his dream job in London. After much consideration and some words from Kevin, Daniel agrees to take the job and is told by Kevin that he will stay in the school home to finish his final year while Daniel is in London. Kevin will then go to live with him when he finishes school. Daniel tells Tom Clarkson that if there is any trouble from Kevin he will be on the first train back to the school. 

Series 9

Chalky returned in Series 9 Ep 16 when Kevin was having an interview for his university/bursary fund. Kevin is later rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke.Chalky is last seen as Kevin's bedside alongside Dynasty Barry. Kevin recovers and Chalky returns to London.


He lived on 8 Kinderely Road in Rochdale , but then moved to live closer to the school : 2011

He lived next door to Waterloo, 12 the terrace : 2011-2012


  • His real name is Gareth Dinsdale.
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