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Dan Hargrove
Portrayed by Will Mellor
First Appearance Series 6 Episode 18
Last Appearance Series 6 Episode 18
Occupation Modelling professional
Romances Adanna Lawal

Dan Hargrove was a modelling professional who appeared in Series 6 Episode 18. He visited Waterloo Road to help judge the kids modelling in a school fashion show. He was also Ronan Burley's mentor. Vicki MacDonald develops a crush on him and, after Dan takes her out to lunch, she tries to kiss him.

Despite Dan rejecting Vicki's advances, Adanna Lawal is convinced something is going on. Ronan is equally as suspicious and confronts Vicki. Adanna's suspicions are due to the fact that her and Dan used to date and he dumped her. Adanna eventually accepts that she let her own feelings about Dan get in the way and accepts that he is innocent. Dan is last seen at the fashion show.