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Craig O'Leary
Portrayed by Matt Kennard
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 24
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 27
Cause/Reason Burgled Janeece and left while she waited for him at the altar
Romances Janeece Bryant

Craig O'Leary was a character in Series 7.

He is first introduced in Series 7 Episode 24 as a repair man sent to to fix the broken grill in the school kitchens.

Janeece Bryant is immediately attracted to him and spends the whole day flirting. At the end of the episode, Craig leaves Janeece a written note with his phone number.

Later, Craig suggests to Janeece that he should move in with her. Maggie Croft warns Janeece that he seems to moving too fast, but Janeece still agrees.

Before the fun run, Craig proposes to Janeece in front of the whole school. When Janeece tells Craig her plans to get marrried at the ice rink, Craig lies and says that the ice rink is to be closed for eighteen months. This means they would have to get married the following week.

On the day of the wedding, Craig informs Janeece that their wedding party has to be cancelled. This was supposedly due to salmonella spreading through the catering staff.

Unknown to Janeece, Craig is a con man who was using Janeece for her money. Whilst Janeece waited at the altar, Craig burgled her house and stole all the money from her bank account.

Craig is last seen packing Janeece's things into his van. Daniel Chalk tries to stop him from driving away but fails.

It turns out that Janeece isn't the first person Craig has tricked, and he is well known to the police.