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Craig Moran
Portrayed by Jamie Birtwistle
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 12
Last Appearance Series 5 Episode 12
Cause/Reason Unknown
Father Mr Moran (deceased)
Brothers Mark Moran

Craig Moran was a student in Series 5 Episode 12. He lives on a farm with his brother, which has started to fall apart since their father's death. Craig wants his brother to sell the farm, but his brother is determined to keep it going for their father.

After a disastrous school trip to the farm which ends with Josh Stevenson getting acid in his eyes and Sambuca Kelly stealing a piglet, Craig confronts his brother. Although his brother is reluctant to sell the farm, he agrees to stop putting so much work on Craig and to let him focus on his school work instead.

Although it is never directly said, it is assumed that Craig is a former John Fosters pupil who joined Waterloo Road after the merger. This is due to Ruby Fry having previously gone on trips to the farm in past years and knowing the family well.