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Connor Lewis
Portrayed by Luke Tittensor
First Appearance Series 6 Episode 3
Last Appearance Series 6 Episode 4

Connor Lewis was a student in Series 6 of Waterloo Road. He is first shown in Series 6 Episode 3 being invited to play poker by Finn Sharkey and Josh Stevenson. The three of them become friends.

In Episode 4, Connor reveals during the football match that he is gay and is happy and open about his sexuality. Josh, who is confused about his own sexuality, blames Connor when he misses a shot. Josh starts a fight with Connor and calls him a poof.

Despite Connor quickly forgiving Josh, Karen says that homophobia will not be tolerated at Waterloo Road and threatens to suspend Josh.

After Josh is caught kissing Finn, Connor finds him crying in the toilets. When he asks Josh about his sexuality, Josh denies the rumours insisting he's not gay.

When Josh is left humiliated after the class learn he retreated from Lauren Andrews, Connor rejects Finn's proposal of another game of poker. His parting words are that 'he can do without people who can treat their best mates like crap so easily.'

He isn’t seen again.