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Clarence Charles
Portrayed by Steve Money
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 9
Occupation Limousine Chaffeur
Sons Donte Charles
Granddaughters Izzie Charles
Grandchildren Donte's possible child with Celine Dixon (unconfirmed)

Clarence Charles was the father of Waterloo Road student Donte. He worked as a limousine driver and had a bad criminal record.

In Series 1 Episode 1 he turns up at the school and attacks Andrew Treneman due to him disciplining Donte for stealing another kid's bus pass and confiscating his phone. Andrew plans to press charges but decides to drop them when he realises that Donte would end up in care. Instead. Clarence has to make a formal apology in front of the whole school, much to the disgust of Donte. Later on that night, Clarence is seen to be asleep when Donte steals the keys to his limo. This ultimately results in the limo crash and the death of Adam Deardon.

Charles made regular appearances in Series 1 and was seen to be heavily involved in Donte's court case over the death of Adam Deardon.

In Series 3 he is shown to be supportive over Donte and Chlo Grainger's decision to wed. He helps out with the wedding and drives them to the registry office.

In Series 4, he attends Rose Kelly's house party and gets very drunk, much to the embarassment of Donte. His last appearance is in Series 4 Episode 9.

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