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Cheryl Bryant
Portrayed by Georgia & Holly Dougdale (Series 6)
Leyla Ogulyaymis (Series 8)
First Appearance Series 6 Episode 7
Last Appearance Series 8 Episode 6 (We Need to Talk About Cheryl)
Cause/Reason Left to live in Ibiza with her mother and grandmother
Mother Janeece Bryant
Guardian Ruby & John Fry (Briefly had Cheryl in their care during adoption process, which was later cancelled)
Grandmothers Mrs Bryant

Cheryl Bryant (briefly renamed Poppy Fry by John and Ruby before Janeece took her back) is the daughter of Janeece Bryant. She was originally going to be adopted by Ruby Fry and John Fry as Janeece felt she was not ready for a baby. However, Janeece had a change of heart and decided that she did want a baby after all.

In series 8 Cheryl becomes ill with chicken pox and Janeece covers her spots with makeup.

Cheryl also burnt herself when Janeece left her home alone. Chalky took her to A&E. After this incident Cheryl left the series with Janeece to go live with her mum in Ibiza.


  • Cheryl was going to be named Cole if she was a boy. You can probably guess who she was named after.
  • If she was adopted by Ruby and John, she would have been called Poppy.