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Celine Dixon
Portrayed by Zeriozha Annika
First Appearance (First stint) Series 2 Episode 2
Last Appearance (First stint) Series 2 Episode 5
First Appearance (Second stint) Series 3 Episode 7
Last Appearance (Second stint) Series 3 Episode 20
Cause/Reason Finished school
Romances Donte Charles
Children Possible child with Donte Charles (unconfirmed)

Celine Dixon, portrayed by Zeriozha Annika (credited as Zeriozha Burt-Skeete), was a pupil who had a difficult time at Waterloo Road. She used to be friend with Leigh-Ann Galloway and was briefly in a relationship with Donte Charles.

Series 2

 In Series 2 Leigh-Ann Galloway roped Celine into her bid for an attack on Mika Grainger , but it turned out her heart wasn't really in it. She was forced to take a short sabbatical after being attacked by Kevin Hurst, the stepfather of pupil Maxine Barlow, who went on to attack Stacey Appleyard and at least two other young girls.

Series 3

In Series 3 on her return, she helped Donte Charles to get over the infidelity of his wife and one-time friend of hers Chlo Charles . However, in time, she started to realise that Donte was still in love with Chlo, and became insecure and jealous as a result.

Celine caught in a love triangle with Donte Charles and Chlo Grainger

On the last day of term, a fire caused an explosion in the canteen, after Stuart Hordley accidentally ignited it by dropping a cigarette near a gas bottle. Chlo was left trapped in the toilets. When Donte set off to rescue his wife, only for Celine to reveal that she's pregnant, something she had been trying all day to do, but he refuses to believe her. Seeing him and Chlo together causes her to move out of view from everybody and sit on a grass verge, where she breaks down in tears.

It is not revealed if Celine was actually pregnant or not.


"It's giving me creeps back here, and no-one's turned up. Come on, let's just go, yeah?" (To Leigh-Ann when they're waiting for someone to attack Mika)

"I couldn't do anything. I couldn't move. I wanted to. I wanted to make him stop. But I was so scared!" (To Kim Campbell when she went to visit her after she was attacked by Kevin Hurst)

"Stop telling me to calm down, Donte! Because they've cheated, none of us are getting our marks! And we both know who'll get away with it scot-free - Chlo Grainger!"

"Because... because I'm pregnant!" (Last line)