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Cassie Turner
Portrayed by Charlotte Wakefield
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 7
Last Appearance Series 5 Episode 7
Cause/Reason Mental health issues
Mother Mrs Turner

Cassie Turner made her appearance in Series 5 Episode 7.

She accused Amy Porter, Siobhan Mailey and others of bullying her.

Karla Bentham found her under the stairs crying and later found her on the way to the toilet.

Kim asked Ros to speak to Cassie, and Cassie told Ros she wasn't actually bullied and had made it up. Once Ros was gone, Cassie spoke out loud to somebody else, and then responded to herself.

While watching a television show, she began to have hallucinations of a person and voice in the screen. Mrs Fry sent her to the cooler for disrupting class. On her way, she came across Karla Bentham, and asked her if she could hear 'them' and that 'they [are] coming', and led her into the boiler room.

She thought the people following her were Amy and Siobhan, and then told Karla that she was scared that 'they' might get to her parents. Karla didn't understand, and Cassie admitted she didn't either, while going deeper underground. She also thought Miss Campbell was against her, and when Karla said she trusted Miss Campbell and that she "speaks to her all the time", Cassie panics that Karla is the one behind the voices.

Karla found her way out with blood on her and informed Steph and Kim about what had happened. Kim and Tom made their way down to find Cassie, who is bleeding and injured, during a paranoid panic attack. She was calmed by Kim, and asked Kim what was happening to her. After being cleaned up, she was taken by Tom and Kim to the hospital.

Kim explained to her mother that she thought it was all real, and the nurse had told Mrs Turner that she was suffering from auditory hallucinations, possibly schizophrenia. She was kept in to treat her injuries and then had a full psychiatric assessment from a specialist team. Kim resolved to do better with mental health awareness. Cassie is not seen again.