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Candice Smilie
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Portrayed by Kay Purcell
First Appearance Series 3 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 5 Episode 5
Cause/Reason Left for Pastures New
Occupation Senior Canteen Assistant
Sons Bolton Smilie

Candice Smilie is a single mum in her early 40s who tried to better herself through adult education evening classes at Waterloo Road to improve her basic literacy skills. She is proud of her job as top dinner lady in the school canteen and is ambitious, putting aside her disapproval of Rose Kelly and then working with her to pitch for the school franchise. Since winning the pitch, Rose and Candice have become firm friends – bonded not only through work but their shared experiences of trying to raise difficult sons, alone.

A firm mother to Bolton, she doesn’t shy away from keeping him in line but is ultimately very proud of her son. Candice is mouthy and blunt which some people find intimidating, but she always means well and is a big fan of Rachel after everything she has done for her son.

Behind the scenes

Actress Kay Purcell died of cancer on 23 December 2020 at the age of 57.


"What is this? A drop in centre? That woman and hers sweat trouble. I can smell it." (about Rose Kelly)

  • Rose: What do we have to wear this clown's outfit for?
  • Candice:So your nits don't get in the food, innit?

  • Rose: Oh, there must be something else I could do! Peeling potatoes for a living - that's what immigrants are for!
  • Candice: Yeah, Irish immigrants! (Series 4 Episode 5)