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Brian Vaisey
Brad Vaisey.png
Portrayed by Jeff Merchant
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Cause/Reason Had a nervous breakdown
Born 20th September 1953
Occupation Headteacher
Series 1 Episode 1 - Series 1 Episode 1
Deputy Jack Rimmer
Preceded by Start of the programme
Succeeded by Jack Rimmer

Brian Vaisey appears in the first episode of Waterloo Road. He has a nervous breakdown and begins throwing his belongings off of the school roof. He mentions that he has been the headteacher for 30 years and never had any thanks for it. He is consoled by Tom Clarkson and this is the last we see of him. He was the headteacher of Waterloo Road before Jack Rimmer, and the very first on-screen headteacher, with Jack as his deputy before his nervous breakdown. Mr Vaisey turned down an application made by Andrew Treneman for a job at Waterloo Road saying that his teaching styles did not agree with the Comprehensive Ethos; Mr Treneman later joined anyway as deputy headteacher under Mr Rimmer.

Estelle Cooper sticks Mr Rimmer's name over Mr Vaisey's name plate on his office door.

Although Mr Vaisey isn't seen again, before his departure, Jack Rimmer briefly mentions there were times he thought he'd end up on the school roof like the previous head, referencing Mr Vaisey's breakdown.


Mr Vaisey was the joint shortest serving on-screen headteacher along with Nikki Boston and George Windsor in number of episodes - one - although Mr Vaisey was only head for one scene, whereas Nikki and George were head for an entire episode each; though Nikki and George may not "count" in some people's books due to the fact that they were only headteacher in an acting capacity.

It is mentioned that Mr Vaisey has been the headteacher for 30 years.This makes him the longest serving headteacher (although this all occurred off screen). Rachel Mason is the longest serving on screen head appearing from Series 3 to the end of Series 5.