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Ben McNulty
Portrayed by James Varley
First Appearance Series 3 Episode 4
Last Appearance Series 3 Episode 4
Cause/Reason Left the school due to bullying about his HIV
Mother Mrs McNulty (adoptive)

Unnamed (biological)

Romances Danielle Harker

Ben McNulty was a student at Waterloo Road in Series 3 Episode 4, introduced as Danielle Harker's boyfriend.

While fooling around with Danielle and her friend Aleesha Dillon in the drama classroom, Ben falls off of some scaffolding and bangs his head, leaving a nasty, bleeding gash in his head. Matt Wilding treated the wound with his hand, which had a cut. When Steph Haydock arrived, she seemed suspicious and rushed him to hospital, where his HIV is revealed.

Ben hid the fact that he suffered from HIV from his peers due to a track record of bullying at former schools.

His mother gave him HIV when she was pregnant due to a dirty needle from a drug injection. When the school finds out he is mortified and is bullied, particularly by Bolton Smilie.

Jack Rimmer and Eddie Lawson offer him their support but Ben decides to leave the school. Danielle agrees to go on another date with him, and he is pleased as he feels normal for the first time in his life.

Ben is not seen again.