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Barry Barry
Portrayed by Carl Au
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 11 (Bad Boy)
Last Appearance Series 9 Episode 18 (Dynasty's Choice)
Cause/Reason Arrested for human trafficking
Mother Carol Barry
Father Neil Barry
Sisters Dynasty Barry
Kacey Barry
Romances Olivia MacAlister
Rhiannon Salt
Gabriella Wark

Barry Barry is a former pupil of Waterloo Road. He has two younger sisters, Dynasty Barry and Kacey Barry. He is the secondary antagonist of series eight and the main and final antagonist of series nine.

Barry Barry and his two younger sisters, Dynasty and Kacey Barry, are from Liverpool. The three Barry children live with their Mother, Carol Barry, as their father, Neil Barry, is in prison for armed robbery. Barry is one of Waterloo Road's many troublemakers, he is always the first to blame when something bad happens at the school. His mother believes that he is a very strong open minded young man but this statement does not match what the school has to say about him.

Barry is now in prison because he was arrested for human trafficking.


Barry was calculating, cruel, avaricious and manipulative. He is perfectly capable of extorting people into unfair deals, notably Kevin Chalk and Sue Lowsley. He is exceptionally intelligent, cunning and extremely pragmatic by nature, and appears to rely on his wit to get himself out of situations. He was also callous enough to blackmail Sue Spark in order to both keep the class in control and to earn money for himself. Despite the fact that he maintains a calm and reserved demeanour, he was very fierce, a trait shared in the Barry family, and demanded respect. Another example of his ferocity is when Kacey finds out he stole the money for her to go to Miami, to which he responds bitterly. In this scene, he shows his true colours: he is in fact a bitter, violent and cold-hearted person, almost delusional in his ways of trying to provide his family with money that he would resort to fraud, theft and extortion. He loved his sister, Kacey, and appeared to care about her at least a little bit.

Barry's only ambition in life, it seems, is money.

The only person Barry truly fears is his mother, this is shown on multiple occasions such as when she finds out that Barry played a sex tape of him and Jack's mother and she arrives at the school after being called in by Michael. Barry is visibly scared as she approaches him and she begins to slap and hit him.

Another instance is after Carol finds out that Barry has stolen Kacey's funding money for her boxing trip to America. Carol tells him "you deserve to rot in hell!" and throws him out of the house and says she doesn't want him near her or his sisters again. Barry leaves the school a crying mess, truly shaken by what his mother had done. This is the first time we truly see what Barry is like when he has lost everything.

Series 8

Barry is first introduced in Series 8 Episode 11 where we see he has slept with fellow Waterloo Road student Jack MacAlister's mother. They know each other from Havelock High and their reunion nearly erupts in a brawl in the street. Later on in the episode, Barry hijacks Nikki's presentation about the PRU and plays the sex tape he recorded with Jack's mother. Jack later corners Barry in the bathroom and attacks him with a baseball bat but he is saved by Tom and Nikki. Barry also tries to sell copies of the sex tape with the help of Phoenix Taylor before Dynasty deletes it from his phone. Always looking to make some easy cash, Barry steals Nikki's car and he sells it online.

In Episode 13, Barry steals Lorraine's Ferrari with the help of Kacey. He completes the illegal sale and is paid with a wad of cash.

In Episode 14, Barry is questioned by the police in connection with Lorraine's stolen car but there is no evidence and he is released.

In Episode 15, Barry gets Rhiannon Salt to spike some brownies with marijuana to cause chaos during the robotics presentation.

In Episode 16, Barry steals Bolton Smilie's gun from his army backpack. Bolton attacks Barry and takes the gun back from him; he then holds Grantly's class hostage. Barry and the rest of the class get out unharmed after Grantly convinces Bolton to hand himself in to the military police.

In Episode 17, Barry, along with the rest of the PRU, deliver a presentation to the school about the PRU. Barry says a few kind words about the teachers and he seems genuinely appreciative of what they have done for him. He is specifically thankful to Sian and Michael for not giving up on him.

In Episode 18, Barry sees an opportunity to make some money from the interschool football match versus St. Dominic's. Knowing Kacey is the star of the football team, he asks her to throw the match while he collects bets for Waterloo Road to win. Barry's plan is foiled by Sian, who returns the money to people who betted. Barry is later furious when he finds out that Kacey is going through a gender identity crisis.

In Episode 19, Barry breaks in to Sian's house before school. He steals an old photo of her and Michael kissing from when they were were dating and a pair of her knickers. Barry and the rest of his family later attend a counselling session led by Sian about Kacey's gender identity crisis. Nothing is resolved. As the day continues, Barry becomes increasingly sexually threatening towards Sian. He photocopies the photo of Sian and Michael he stole earlier in the day and leaves it lying around the school. Sian brings Barry in to her class in an attempt to humiliate him in front of the lower year. As Barry continues to crack jokes in front of the class, Sian loses her temper and begins insulting him. He takes the pair of knickers he stole from her out of his pocket and throws them at her and Sian immediately slaps him in the face as the horrified class watch on. Barry wants to get Sian sacked but the entire class backs Sian and lies for her. Carol arrives to back Barry up and Sian tells her the truth and informs her that she has resigned.

In Episode 21, Barry attempts to sell some drugs with the help of new student and drug addict Fergal Doherty. He also passes a message to Fergal’s mother, Theresa, from a gang leader who was threatening Fergal's family.

In Episode 22, Barry sells a car to Connor Mulgrew with an extortionate payment plan.

In Episode 23, Barry arrives at school with Steve-O Malone; Dynasty's ex-boyfriend who has just been released from prison on parole. He and Steve-O work together to extort money from many students. Barry also sees him as a criminal mentor of sorts, collecting money on his behalf and allowing him to borrow his car. Later on in the episode, Steve-O mocks Barry about Kacey (now Robbie) and the possibility of her having a sex change; he assaults her while Barry looks on. Barry also informs Connor that the car payment money he owes is now due to be paid to Steve-O as he has taken over Barry's loan sharking business.

In Episode 26, Kevin Chalk hatches a plan to finally rid of Steve-O by killing him; he tries to get Connor to help him with his plan but Connor is sceptical. Kevin thinks they should ask Barry to get them a gun. Connor, still very unsure of the plan, meets with Barry before Kevin has the chance to and explains what Kevin wants to do and the reason for it; that Steve-O raped Dynasty. Barry refuses to help.

Barry later goes to ask Dynasty if what Connor said is true, to which she lies and claims it is not true. Barry, who can tell when his sister is lying, has a change of heart. He meets with Kevin and tells him in the afternoon he will leave a gun at the docks.

In the afternoon, Kevin and Connor arrive at the docks. Kevin locates the gun box only to find that it's empty. Steve-O appears behind them with the gun and holds them at gun point. He tells Kevin that Barry told him about the plan as Barry emerges from behind Steve-O; appearing to have been on his side all along. Kevin, in a fit of anger, shouts at Steve-O and tells him that Dynasty doesn't love him and she never will. Steve-O pulls the trigger but the gun is empty. He turns to Barry and realising he has been set up, attacks him; Barry wrestles him to the floor as sirens are heard in the distance. Barry tells Connor and Kevin that this stays between them and that he had nothing to do with what just happened as he flees. Connor, Kevin and Steve-O are all arrested.

In Episode 27, Dynasty has decided she wants to move in to Kevin's flat but Barry is unhappy with this. He tells Kevin that they both want the same thing, to look after Dynasty. Kevin refuses to back down from the idea of them moving in together and says that he will tell the police about what really happened at the docks. Barry punches him and says that he was in on it too and just as guilty as him. Barry becomes upset when Dynasty arrives and tells him herself that she is leaving.

In Episode 28, before the start of school, the rest of the Barry's get in to another verbal altercation with Kevin about him and Dynasty that concludes with Barry smashing an egg over Kevin's head. Carol and Barry later hatch a plan to bring the debate to the Julian Noble show, a TV show where they sort out family drama.

In Episode 29, the day of the Barry's and Kevin's appearance on the Julian Noble show has arrived. Tensions run high as Carol and Dynasty shout back and forth before Kevin is brought out and Barry also later takes the stage. Barry and Kevin nearly get in to another physical fight before Kevin's mother, Daisy Skelton, makes a surprise appearance and starts laying in to Kevin. Christine arrives and shuts everything down.

After the surprise appearance on the show from Kevin's mother, Carole realises that Kevin has never had a proper family and understands him better. They all make peace and even Barry tells Kevin "I've got your back, its law now".

In Episode 30, Barry manages to convince Nikki that he is serious about getting his exams and Christine informs him that he will be taken out of the PRU and allowed in to regular lessons. This is where Barry meets Kyle Stack; who is on a trial run at the school having just being released from prison. Barry doesn't like the sound of possible competition and threatens Kyle, but is uninterested and tells Barry he is a changed man. Barry later antagonises Kyle to the point where he hits Barry with a chair.

Series 9

In Episode 2, as the new term starts, Barry is already up to his old tricks and being a constant nuisance for all the staff. When newly qualified teacher Sue Spark freaks out during her lesson and leaves, Rhiannon locks her in the science cupboard while Barry steals her phone. Barry is eager to find out who "twinkle" is on her contacts. He gets his answer when the fire alarm goes off and "twinkle" calls Sue's phone. Barry answers to discover that it is Simon Lowsley and the two are a couple. Barry later tells Sue that he can make sure that everyone behaves in her lesson for £20 a day; we later learn that she has accepted his deal.

In Episode 3, we see Barry visit Sue's classroom at the start of the day to collect his payment. He later hears about the Waterloo Road apprentice day and wants in, as there is a chance to make money. He is at first denied because the event is student council members only but he is vouched for by George Windsor, who had been told by Christine to make sure the event ends badly; and George realises that Barry is likely to cause trouble. The boy's team, led by Barry, decides on house clearances to win the event. To stop the girl's team winning, Kevin and Barry attempt to sabotage their cake sale; and do so by turning off the ovens. Barry, Connor and Kevin then go to George's house after his wife, Princess, tells the boys that they have lots of junk that the boys are welcome to take and sell. Barry steals George's Viagra pills. The boys team eventually wins but Simon finds out about their attempted cheating. Barry later finds out that Kevin stole the Viagra pills back from him to return to George and is furious as he wanted to sell them.

In Episode 4, Barry assists with the newly opened Waterloo Road Junk-tion. He assists with the sales but secretly steals the good items for himself to later sell. When Darren Hughes asks Rhiannon out to a party, Barry convinces Darren to ask Rhiannon for explicit images and send them to him. The images quickly spread around the school after Barry uploads them online.

In Episode 5, Barry once again goes to Sue's classroom. Sue tells Barry that she no longer wants to pay him for controlling her class. Barry agrees; but only if Sue gives him a good mark on his test. Barry doesn't answer a single question on the test. Simon, who found out what had been happening between Sue and Barry, threatens Barry and makes him retake the test.

In Episode 6, Barry once again attempts to collect gambling money; this time from Kacey's boxing match. He tells Darren to inform everyone that Kacey is a better boxer than her opponent and she will win so they bet on her. Barry knows that Kacey will lose however. Grantly Budgen speak to Barry after his English lesson and puts £50 on Kacey's opponent to win but Harley Taylor, who was angry towards Grantly at the time, lies to him and tells him that Barry threatened the other girl to lose. Grantly later switches his bet to Kacey. Barry gives Grantly's £50 to Kacey to put towards her sponsorship.

In Episode 8, during the Waterloo Road history day, Barry senses an opportunity to make some quick cash. First, he and Darren sell "contraband" crisps to hungry students for an extortionate price. Later on when they go in to the forest to scavenge for food for lunch, Barry and Darren run away from the rest of the group and collect magic mushrooms which Barry wants to sell. They eat the mushrooms to make sure that they are legit and begin tripping out in the forest before being found by Simon and returning to school. Not wanting the teachers to find their stash, they hide the mushrooms in the school garden. Their mushroom trip ends after Darren vomits on the Director of Education, Robert Bain. Darren and Barry are both taken to the medical room and then to hospital.

In Episode 9, Barry finds the login credentials to Kacey's fundraising account for her boxing training in America and steals all of the money.

In Episode 10, it is discovered that Kacey's money has disappeared. Kacey becomes suspicious of Barry after he knew that money had been stolen despite Kacey not telling him. Kacey confronts him and Barry admits it. Nikki decides to donate her own money so that Kacey could still go to America. Kacey outs Barry in front of everyone. Carol rips in to Barry and throws him out of the house. He leaves the school crying.

In Episode 13, while Gabriella, Imogen and Rhiannon are in a sketchy bar on a night out, Gabriella angers a barmaid after flirting with her boyfriend. She goes to bottle Gabriella over the head but is stopped by Barry. Barry demands Imogen not tell Dynasty that he is back in town.

In Episode 14, Barry drops Gabriella off to school, who he had began dating after their meeting in the bar. Barry has an expensive car. The girls question how he can afford such things. Later, Barry meets Dynasty and the two appear to have reconciled to a point. Barry insists he has changed and says he wants to move back in but Dynasty says he will have to speak to Carol, but also agrees to speak to her on his behalf. Barry later confronts Carol himself; she refuses to let him come home but he pushes her and says he is coming back tonight.

In Episode 16, Barry punctures the tyre on Hector Reid's bike with a nail gun after Gabriella says that Hector humiliated her in front of the whole class.

In Episode 17, Barry drops Carol off to school. The two have seemed to have buried the hatchet once Carol has realised that Barry is earning good money. Barry also tells Gabriella that he is taking her to lunch at an expensive hotel. Gabriella invites Rhiannon to cause some chaos, to the annoyance of Barry. Rhiannon makes a scene at the restaurant and Barry wants her to leave. Gabriella gets angry at this suggestion and Barry allows her to stay. Gabriella later breaks up with Barry. Barry later goes to the docks where he is given a duffel bag, with stacks of cash and passports inside.

In Episode 18, the day of Barry's big job finally arrives. Dynasty returns home from her police interview and becomes suspicious of Barry's bag. She looks inside to see the contents and is concerned. Barry returns home soon after and he agrees to drop her to school in his van which he has for his job. Barry gets a phone call where he says he will go to a warehouse at the docks and Dynasty questions him about it, still concerned about what she saw in the bag. He brushes her questions off and heads to the docks.

Dynasty, concerned with what Barry is doing, heads to the docks herself to find out. She opens his van to find that it is full of women, all of whom don't speak very good English but one of them says that they are going to work in a hotel in Liverpool. Dynasty tells the women that this isn't true and they have to run away. Barry arrives and Dynasty tries to reason with him to let the women go but he refuses, physically pushing her out of his way and he driving off. Dynasty calls the police and tells Carol what Barry has done. Carol tries to call Barry and leaves him a tearful voicemail. As Carol's voicemail is played, we see Barry being hauled out of his van by police and arrested for human trafficking. This is the last time we see Barry.


  • "Why are them trees following us?"
  • “Did you just batter Kevin?”
  • "Maybe it's a spy goat..."
  • "Well I won't; because I won't get caught!" (in response to Dynasty telling him he will end up in prison like their father)
  • "I heard it was an opportunity for me to have a say in the future of MY school." (To Simon Lowsley, in Series 8 Episode 30; also one of the end quotes in the final episode of the show)