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Andy Harker
Portrayed by Joe Duttine
First Appearance Series 4 Episode 7
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 7
Occupation Homeschool Teacher
Spouse(s) Barbara Harker
Daughters Danielle Harker

Andy Harker is the father of Danielle Harker and a skilled educator. He is seen dragging Danielle into his car in the school playground after she ran away from their house that morning, leading everyone to think that he is abusing her, when in reality he is a private teacher, homeschooling Danielle and a few other kids from their local neighbourhood, and only dragged Danielle away from Waterloo Road because he hates the school for its reputation, and doesn't want his daughter to have anything to do with it. Eddie Lawson visits the Harker family home to try and convince Andy to let Danielle attend Waterloo Road - he is especially concerned after Aleesha Dillon tells him that Danielle said her father had hit her, though this later proved to be false.

At the end of the episode, Andy agrees to let Danielle stay at Waterloo Road, promising her that he will be her father and not her teacher anymore. In addition, Eddie invited him to help out Melissa Ryan with the school's extended services program of adult learning due to his talent for teaching, which would also allow him to keep an eye on Danielle (whom he calls "Dan" much to her irritation).

It is also mentioned that Andy abandoned Danielle and her mother after the birth of his daughter because he wasn't ready, but had recently returned. He is also a skilled French speaker, impressing Steph Haydock with his knowledge of the language during a tour of Waterloo Road.

Andy is only seen in one episode.

Behind the scenes

Andy's actor, Joe Duttine, later makes another one-off appearance, as chair of governors John Adams in S6E20. Duttine is well-known for his current role as Tim Metcalfe in Coronation Street, a part he has played since 2013.