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Andrew Treneman
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Portrayed by Jamie Glover
First Appearance (Regular) Series 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance (Regular) Series 2 Episode 12
First Appearance (Guest) Series 4 Episode 19
Last Appearance (Guest) Series 4 Episode 20
Cause/Reason Left to teach in Rwanda
Occupation English Teacher
Deputy Headteacher
Acting Headteacher (S2E2)
Romances Kim Campbell
Lorna Dickey (Deceased)
Deputy Headteacher
Series 1 Episode 1 - Series 2 Episode 12
Headteacher Jack Rimmer
Preceded by Jack Rimmer
Succeeded by Eddie Lawson
Headteacher (acting)
Series 2 Episode 1 - Series 2 Episode 2
Preceded by Jack Rimmer
Succeeded by Jack Rimmer

Andrew Treneman is an English teacher and the former Deputy Headteacher at Waterloo Road. He is well educated and believes everyone should go to university. He teaches English and joined the school as deputy headmaster, after leaving his old job as Head of English at a local grammar school.

Andrew resigned from Waterloo Road, to become an Education Leader and Headteacher to Batalla High School in Rwanda.


His well-educated, 'snobby' accent and his strict teaching methods get up the noses of some of his new pupils, and his importing of 'right-wing' management strategies from his public school also make him a few enemies amongst his colleagues - most notably Grantly Budgen. But he has a steely determination that no matter what, he is going to make a difference - something that new sponsor governor Roger Aspinall admires. He cares deeply about the welfare and education of the students, and has said to want to see every student get an education he had received in his life.

Series 1 & 2

On his first day at Waterloo Road, Andrew calls the police on pupil Donte Charles when he sees him stealing another kid’s bus pass, leading to Donte being arrested. Later, in his English class, he confiscates Donte’s mobile phone, which he was using in class to contact his father. Donte's father, Clarence Charles, heard the commotion and came into school and demanded that Andrew return the phone. When Andrew refused, he was assaulted by Clarence, who had to make an apology in front of the school to avoid being charged with assault.

Andrew was made acting headmaster by Roger Aspinall in Series 2, but Andrew thought Roger's rules were too harsh, and feeling guilty for taking Jack's job, he stood down. Jack took up the headship and Andrew reverted to deputy head.

Andrew's social life has been on hold for a long time. He may well have fallen too deeply in love too young and been badly hurt by eventual rejection. He keeps that part of his life buried. Andrew becomes infatuated with fellow worker Kim Campbell, and was briefly known to have been involved with English teacher Lorna Dickey, until his true feelings for Kim were revealed.

Disillusioned by Jack's questionable fund-raising efforts, Andrew took up an offer to return to teaching in Rwanda, taking Kim with him.

Series 4

At the start of Series 3, Grantly Budgen stated that both Andrew and Kim were on "sabbatical", suggesting that they would both make a return. Kim made a return in episode 11 of series 4, with a baby in tow, stating that Andrew was still in Rwanda, and whilst talking to Tom, said that they never became closer than friends.

Andrew visited Waterloo Road charity event for his school in Rwanda. Andrew found it hard to condone what Kim had done but eventually he understood after Kim started hitting and attacking him. This was a juicy piece of gossip for the newshawks surrounding the comprehensive, but Andrew and Kim shared a romantic kiss at the end of the episode.

The following episode shows that Andrew has been staying with Kim, rather than at his hotel as he mentioned previously, and that his flight to Rwanda is at midday on the last day of term, so he will be departing when Kim is at the Northwest Schools Choir Competition. Kim is seen looking at Big Ben at five minutes to midday, and Andrew is seen at departure in front of a clock as it turns 12. As Waterloo Road are announced the winners of the competition, Andrew steps in to the space beside Kim who turns around to see him. He tells her he just couldn't leave and they share a kiss. They are later seen in the crowd of pupils and staff outside the semi-demolished school building, not chanting 'Waterloo Road' along with them, but Kim looking proud and Andrew seeming thoughtful.


Andrew Trenaman began teaching at Waterloo Road as Deputy Head to Jack Rimmer on the 9th March 2006.


"Uh, Deputy Headship." (First line)

"Mr Budgen, You looking for your class?"

“I’ve just about had enough of your holier than thou attitude. Wouldn’t it be nice to be you, just standing on the sidelines carping. Some of us actually try. That’s the difference between you and me.” (To Kim Campbell, in Series 2 Episode 2)

  • Andrew: "Can I have your attention, class? This is what's known as a thug."
  • Clarence Charles: "You what? You-" [Clarence punches Andrew]
  • Andrew: "Now you know why his son is a bully and a thief!"