Andrew Treneman
Andrew treneman
Portrayed by Jamie Glover
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 2 Episode 12 (Regular)
Series 4 Episode 20 (Guest)
Cause/Reason Left to teach in Rwanda
Occupation English Teacher
Deputy Headteacher
Acting Headteacher (S2E2)
Romances Kim Campbell
Lorna Dickey (Deceased)
Deputy Headteacher
Series 1 Episode 1 - Series 2 Episode 12
Headteacher Jack Rimmer
Preceded by Jack Rimmer
Succeeded by Eddie Lawson
Headteacher (acting)
Series 2 Episode 1 - Series 2 Episode 2
Preceded by Jack Rimmer
Succeeded by Jack Rimmer

Oxbridge-educated Andrew Treneman and Waterloo Road did not, at first go well together; his well-educated, ‘snobby’ accent and his strict teaching methods get up the noses of some of his new pupils, and his importing of different management strategies from his public school also make him a few enemies amongst his colleagues – most notably Grantly Budgen.

Andrew’s social life has been on hold for a long time. He may well have fallen too deeply in love too young and been badly hurt by eventual rejection. He keeps that part of his life buried – until much to his alarm he’s hit right where it hurts, by Kim Campbell. He became disillusioned by Jack's questionable fund-raising efforts, Andrew took up an offer to return to teaching in Rwanda. He later returned at Steph's instigation to fix his relationship with Kim, he then left again for Rwanda.

Andrew resigned from Waterloo Road, to become an Education Leader and Headteacher to a school in Rwanda.


Andrew Trenaman began teaching at Waterloo Road as Deputy Head to Jack Rimmer on the 9th March 2006.

What Andrew did to Waterloo Road


"Uh, Deputy Headship." (First line)

"Mr Budgen, You looking for your class?"

Andrew: "Can I have your attention, class? This is what's known as a thug."
Clarence Charles: "You what? You-"
[Clarence punches Andrew]
Andrew: "Now you know why his son is a bully and a thief!"