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Andi O’Donnell
Portrayed by Abigail Hardingham
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 19
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 19
Cause/Reason Unknown
Mother Viv O’Donnell
Romances Ronan Burley

Andi O'Donell was a student at Waterloo Road in Series 7 Episode 19 she was an outsider and extremely unpopular.

Andi's mother is a radio host who comes to the school in order to broadcast one of her shows. Andi insists that her mother doesn't tell anyone that they're related. This is due to the fact that, her mother, Viv often shares stories about Andi on the air. Some of these stories were embarrassing, such as when Andi started her first period.

The show was made at the school and some pupils were chosen to share stories live on it. Scout and Emily stole Andi's clothes in the changing rooms and Ronan came to help.

Later Emily and Scout admitted to what they had done and gave Andi her clothes. They decide to become friends and Andi agrees to let Emily give her a makeover. They tell her to go talk to Ronan . Andi asks him to go to the park wher she tries to kiss him and she asks to have sex. Ronan doesn't let her.

She is angry and calls the radio show where her mum answers live on radio. She says what has happened and says she is not a virgin. For this, Ronan later gets suspended but then later admits it is a lie.

Andi confronts her mum about how she feels and her mum agrees to stop sharing information about Andi's life on the air.