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Amy Porter
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Portrayed by Ayesha Gwilt
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 10
Cause/Reason Left with her mother
Born 1994
Romances Finn Sharkey

Amy Porter is a former pupil of Waterloo Road. She was played by Ayesha Gwilt (also known as Nisa Cole).

Amy came from John Fosters, the local private school that was forced to shut down and merge with Waterloo Road at the start of Series 5. Amy is rebellious, and was the best friend of Siobhan Mailey and girlfriend of Finn Sharkey before he was with Sambuca Kelly, and they are constantly getting into trouble together, and at one point Amy even defaces a painting in an art gallery to prove her love for Finn. Following this, the staff decide to keep them separate at school. They react badly to this, and make a suicide pact, but are stopped by Chris trying to walk into the sea at the beach at the end of Series 5. By Series 6, they are no longer together.

Amy is a natural leader with a rebellious streak, and she loves the drama of confrontation. There isn't a cause Amy won’t adopt, nor will she miss an opportunity to take offence.

Amy joined Waterloo Road in series five (as part of the merger with the public school John Fosters). She has argued with the likes of Lauren Andrews, Sambuca Kelly and Michaela White. She became heavily embroiled in the girl gang culture and was a lead antagonist in the violence that followed.

When Amy first joined Waterloo Road she did nothing but cause trouble, she got into several fights with the Waterloo Road pupils and became a member of the girl gangs. She tried to make Michaela White Jealous by kissing Bolton Smilie in the girls toilets, but this goes badly wrong and Amy ends up accusing him of attempted rape. She eventually told the truth, but Michaela and Bolton broke up. She also roped new teacher Helen Hopewell into giving her money in order to pass her inspection. She agrees, but when Amy asks again she is turned down. Angry, she reports Helen to Rachel, and Helen later left the school.

In series 6, Amy enjoyed a quieter year, growing closer to Lauren Andrews after she and Sambuca drifted apart. Lauren and Amy had become good friends, however she still disliked Sambuca quite a lot. Lauren would have to act as a wall between them. When Amy convinced Lauren of planting drugs on Sam, Lauren agreed as she thought Sam had betrayed them, the truth eventually comes out but Sam still decides to leave.

When Sam returns she is still hoping to get revenge on Amy for what happened. She plants Karen Fisher's phone (that Harry had earlier taken) in Amy's bag, and Amy gets in trouble. Sam later told the truth to Amy and apologised. Amy also apologised for what she did and they make amends.

In series 7, Amy, Sam and Lauren are all friends, and Amy is shown to struggle with Sam's diagnosis with terminal brain cancer.

Amy later left the series when her mother got a new job in Yorkshire.


Amy can be hard with other people; she shows this with Sambuca Kelly.