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Aiden Scotcher
Portrayed by Oliver Lee
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 10
Cause/Reason Moved away with his Dad
Born 1993
Mother Naomi Scotcher
Father Rob Scotcher
Romances Jess Fisher

Vicki MacDonald

Children Unnamed child born before he came to Waterloo Road
Miscarried child with Vicki
Unborn child with Jess

Aiden Scotcher is the wayward son of the former site manager Rob Scotcher. Built from a different mould than his reliable and stalwart father, Aiden completely takes after his absent mother; he’s a self-assured, incurable flirt who swaggers around convinced the world owes him a favour. It’s not that Aiden is a bad at heart, it’s just that life is kind to someone this good-looking and Aiden’s learnt he can usually get what he wants by turning on the charm with a cheeky wink or comment. Aiden is gifted academically and knows what he wants - to go to University and make something of himself. Despite this, Rob constantly pushes his son, determined that Aiden will have all the opportunity and advantages, which he squandered during his own youth. This pressure sometimes caused Aiden to rebel; he left his last school under a cloud, rumours abounded that he'd got more than one girl pregnant, but Rob's determined that Waterloo Road will provide them both with the fresh start they need.

Aiden has been damaged by his mother's flighty disappearance and as much as he moans about Rob's overbearing attitude towards his education, they have an incredibly close relationship. When his mother, Naomi returns expecting to pick up exactly where she left off with her family, Aiden finally appreciates how much his dad has had to cope with over the years.

Series 7

Aiden and Ronan Burley immediately hit it off. They have a lot in common; the same sense of humour and as it turns out a very similar taste in women. When Aiden meets Vicki MacDonald his head is turned and whilst he backs off discovering she's with Ronan, a seed has been sown, Aiden attentions are soon diverted by Vicki's best mate Jess
You can clearly see Jess has fallen for Aiden, Aiden has fallen for Jess as well but he can't resist Vicki either. Aiden soon finds out that Vicki had dumped Ronan, Vicki finally comes clean to Jess and she tells her that she has been seeing Aiden behind her back. Jess gets very upset. Aiden then finds out that he has got Jess and Vicki pregnant, what is his dad going to do when he find outs that he has got another 2 girls pregnant. It was Aiden's last day at Waterloo Road and now Vicki is back together with Ronan, he can't have her so he went for Jess again as he wanted to be part of the baby's life. Jess accepts. And Aiden leaves when his dad quit because Karen was fired, which meant him and Jess could be a proper family.


“Why should I waste my vote on these 2 slappers?”


  • Aiden and Jess' actors were in a relationship in real life and have a daughter together born in 2011.