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Adam Deardon
Portrayed by Jon Ball
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Cause/Reason Killed in a limousine crash caused by Donte Charles and Chlo Grainger
Born 1991
Died 18th October 2005
Sisters Yasmin Deardon
Romances Holly Tattersall

Adam Deardon was a pupil at Waterloo Road until his death in Episode 1.

A friend of Donte Charles's, Adam was killed in a car crash caused by Donte joyriding in his father's limousine. He was survived by his twin sister Yasmin Deardon, who was distraught about his death.


Adam is like many other teenage boys: mouthy, not caring and rude. When he is in the limo with his girlfriend Holly Tattersall, Chlo Grainger and Donte Charles he is very lively - this was a factor in his death.

Adam's Death

Donte stole the keys to his father's limousine and texted Adam, Chlo and Holly, inviting them to join him for a alcohol-fuelled joyride. Chlo got very drunk and ended up climbing onto Donte's lap on the driver's seat. With Donte's vision obscured, the limo drove right out in front of a truck at a junction, which crashed into its side. Adam was the only fatality as at the moment of collision, he was standing on the seats with his head poking out of the sunroof.